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Covid-19 Safety Protocols

As a healthcare provider, the health and safety of our patients and staff is an absolute priority as we address your eye care needs. We are keeping these protocols in place in 2023 to continue to protect our immune compromised patients and staff members.  

  • Please refrain from coming to Eyedentity if:

    • You are exhibiting signs of COVID-19 or any other illness,

    • ​You believe that you have been in contact with someone who may have been exposed.

  • If you find out that you tested positive or were in contact with someone who tested positive within 72 hours of your visit, please let us know right away. 

  • Please note that, as a private practice, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who does not follow our safety protocols. Thank you for understanding. 

Steps that we are taking to provide you the safest patient care:

  • All interactions at Eyedentity are BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.

  • We ask that you either come to the office alone or with a single parent/guardian. If we have scheduled you as a family, you are welcome to come together.

  • We require that everyone inside our office is wearing a CDC compliant face covering/mask for the duration of your visit.

  • In the event that we cannot provide adequate social distancing, we may ask you to wait in your vehicle and we will contact you once we are ready.  Please be patient and recognize that we want to keep every one safe and healthy.

  • If you would like to try glasses on, please help us by putting the frames you've tried on a table instead of back on the shelves. We have a mirror on an outside window that you can use when you'd like to try on frames without a mask on.

  • Equipment and surfaces are sterilized with alcohol before every exam.

  • Our staff is following the CDC guidelines for hand-washing and sanitizing.

  • We will continue complimentary shipping for all contact lens orders.

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