Awake with eyes feeling bright, refreshed and hydrated.

Eyeseals™ 4.0 are proven to help relieve dry eyes during rest and sleep. Soft and flexible, they are made of material developed for medical use.

The unitary design gently rests over the orbital bones, comfortably sheltering dry eyes from drafts, dust, low humidity environments and leaking air from CPAPs. The eyecups are deep enough that eyelashes won’t touch when blinking. 

Fitted with an adjustable headband, eyeseals™ 4.0 create a moisture rich environment for the eyes, eyelid, and surrounding skin. The masks are hypoallergenic, latex-free, and BPA-free. Made in the USA.

Recommended for nocturnal lagophthalmos, mild to severe dry eye, floppy eye syndrome, recurrent corneal erosions, air travel, and for use as CPAP eye protection.


For additional color options visit EyeEco.

Eyeseals™ 4.0 Hydrating Sleep Mask