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The Comfort Cover™ offers protection from dirt and makeup and is designed to fit the tranquileyes®, tranquileyes® xl and D.E.R.M.™.

NEW design features 3 conveniently placed  Velcro® fasteners for improved comfort!

Simply insert the goggle or D.E.R.M.™ mask leaving the wrap outside and close by fastening the Velcro®. The Comfort Cover™ is made of microfiber and is machine washable.

Comfort Cover™

  • Product Contents:

    • One Comfort Cover™

    Use & Care Instructions:

    • Machine wash Comfort Cover™ in cold water as needed.
    • Place tranquileyes®, tranquileyes® xl or D.E.R.M.™ mask into Comfort Cover™ and close by fastening the 3 Velcro® fasteners. (Velcro® should be on front of goggle or mask, away from side that touches eyes). If you need further assistance don’t hesitate in contacting us.


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