EYEDENTITY is excited to introduce our new  Patient Health Record Portal


How do you access RevolutionPHR?       Click here -->






or visit https://www.revolutionphr.com/portal/access/f91e1debdcc2c4fa1741ef67c72855a7d7e0407e.htm


If you're new to Eyedentity you can register for an account.




Your user-name is your email address.


If this is your first time logging into RevolutionPHR and you have not received your temporary password via email, please text, email, or call our office at 425-822-7685.



What can you do with RevolutionPHR?


  • Download your active prescriptions and other health records.
  • Check the status of glasses and contact lens orders.
  • Update your personal information: such as new phone numbers, email addresses, addresses, and more.
  • Complete your pre-exam interviews online. This information is automatically added to your patient chart in our system which leads to a more accurate and efficient exam.
  • Schedule appointments.
  • See billing and invoices. ** Please note that our payment system and Revolution don't talk to each other and we may not have had time to manually input a payment you made. Don't let an open invoice scare you if you've made a payment!


What is RevolutionPHR?


  • RevolutionPHR utilizes the highest standards of online security while allowing you to view portions of your eye care records through any standard Internet browser.
  • We encourage you to use the Login information created specifically for you to review the many features available.
  • You can decide if access to RevolutionPHR is right for you, and participation is completely optional. We have no record of your accesses and we want you to use this online portal at your discretion.