Contact Lens (re)Evaluations & Follow Ups

Contact Lens (re)evaluations can be performed during your annual appointment or any time within the following six months. After six months, another full exam and refraction is required.


A contact lens (re)evaluation includes a number of tests that are not part of a routine health check and refraction that will result in a prescription for glasses. These tests include a tear film evaluation, cornea measurements, an evaluation of your eye's surface, the fit of a contact lens, etc...


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The contact lens exam, fit, & follow up fee is determined by the type of contact lens that your eyes require:


Basic: $55

Toric : $65

Multifocal : $85

Gas Permeable : $85

OR We use the copay determined by your insurance


There is also a Mandatory Contact Lens Lens Training for First-time Users: $25-$45


There are a few insurance plans that cover contact lens exams with copays varying from $0 to $60. If you are on a Washington State Plan contacts and the contact lens exam are out-of-pocket expenses.



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